Cut your cloud bill in half with fast and predictable K8s automation

Cut costs in minutes with autoscaling, right sizing, and spot instance automation with Artificial Intelligence

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Instant rebalancing

Bring your cluster to an optimized state automatically and enjoy improved performance at a far lower cost.

Full cost visibility

You can analyze and forecast expenses for projects, clusters, and deployments.

What you see is what you get

The AI reports show you the exact savings you can realistically get for your cluster.

A real-time engine

The platform adds or removes resources as soon as they become necessary to ensure the best performance of your workloads.

Affordable scalability

The AI lets you flexibly scale your infrastructure up and down as needed.

AI-driven instance selection

Whenever your cluster needs extra nodes, our algorithm chooses the best instance type.

No vendor lock-in

The platform is vendor-neutral, so it selects the optimal solution for your cluster without forcing you into long-term commitments.

Dedicated onboarding

Get personalized support from our engineers and smoothly onboard your Kubernetes infrastructure.

Live support

A real human support engineer is here to answer your questions.

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We officially support Kubernetes running on AWS/EKS, Azure/AKS, GCP/GKE and on-prem. We provide best-efforts support for other cloud platforms.

Privacy and security are incredibly important for us. For this reason, we don’t ship any data out of your own infrastructure and use read-only Kubernetes privileges by default.

For most users, an installation takes around 2 minutes.

We have an open core model. Our commercial product is built on top of the CloudMix Core open source project available on Github.
Optimize cloud costs in minutes

Analyze your Kubernetes cluster and get a custom savings report. See how much you could be saving already and optimize your cloud setup automatically. 5 minutes – that’s all it takes!