Enterprise Cloud Solutions from Akıllı Bulut
Scalable and secure IT services in the cloud for infrastructure and development created by Turkey’s leading internet company.

Seamlessly move your infrastructure to the cloud with no downtime. Keep your architecture “as is” or move to cloud native.

Count on the expertise from some of Turkey’s leading IT experts no matter the complexity of your issue.

Store and secure personal data on secure and certfied servers in Russia to make sure your business is compliant to Russian law.

Autoscale your resources and optimize business processes. Pay only for what you use


Cloud servers

Access flexible compute in the cloud with an unlimited number of IP addresses and traffic up to 1Gbit/sec

Cloud storage

Access flexible compute in the cloud with an unlimited number of IP addresses and traffic up to 1Gbit/sec


Deploy rapidly and easily scalable managed databases

Cloud Containers

Use Kubernetes in the cloud to scale applications automatically and accelerate deployment times

Cloud Big Data

Turn data sets into actionable information using cloud-based Hadoop, Spark and ClickHouse platforms

Сloud GPU

Leverage GPU in the cloud for the most demanding of projects

Machine Learning

Use machine learning technologies with analytical workspaces and sandboxes

An Internet of Things Platform

Process and manage data from internet-connected devices for real-time analysis

Virtual Networks

Integrate servers on local networks using DNS, VPN, traffic filtration and load balancing

Explore other services from Akıllı Bulut Cloud Solutions

Recover your IT services instantly after an incident

Managed services

Let Akıllı Bulut Cloud Solutions experts configure, monitor and troubleshoot your environment

Cloud Backup

Back up your virtual machines and databases using Akıllı Bulut Cloud Solutions and partner solutions


Quickly deliver your content to users through VK Cloud Solutions’ specialized high- throughput network

Choose the best deployment model for you

Use the Akıllı Bulut Cloud Solutions public cloud for highly-configurable solutions and unlimited scaling


Use fully-fledged cloud infrastructure on stand-alone physical servers


Use your own data center to deploy every service available in our public cloud with the same functionality

99.95% uptime

SLA with financial guarantees


support in English and Turkish


highly secure connections to the cloud


automation and integration


Easily manage your virtual machines, storage and other Akıllı Bulut Cloud Solutions services using a clean and easy to understand UI